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Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd
Add: No.336, Licun Road, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel: +86-572-2129525, 2129580
Sales Hotline: 13587207712
Service Hotline: +86-572-2129630, 2129631
Fax: +86-572-2129578, 2129526
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  Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. (HMTW) was established in 1954, located at Huzhou Economic & Technical Development District by the south of Tai Lake, covers nearly an area of 150000㎡including 65000㎡ building, well equipped with more than 200sets of heavy-duty cranes, NC floor boring-milling machines, NC machining centers, large-scale lathes and planers etc.

  For decades, the company has succeeded in development of more than 50 series and 400 varieties of hydraulic presses with four-column, straight-side, C-frame and horizontal, widely applications to general-purpose, metal plate forming, bulk metal forming, pipe, powder ware, rubber and plastic ware, electric motor, vehicle wheel, special-purpose pressing, hot stamping for high-strength steel plate, interior high-pressure forming, automobile longitudinal beam, NC servo, precise punching, glass fiber reinforced plastics (SMC), carbon extruding, vehicle door edging, part straightening and glass ware etc. A lot of products are entitled with National Important New Product and Provincial Key Manufacture Industry First-set Product.

  Founded on supplying 10 to 80000kN capacity with expertise in development of large-scale, NC, special-purpose, precious hydraulic presses and various production lines. The company is one of leading hydraulic press company in China, featured with longest and largest maker, more powerful development and most varieties of specifications in south of the Yangtze river, its good-faith and reputation well trusted by the clients.

  The company has been granted ISO9001 certificate, titled with National High-New-Tech Enterprise, National Secondary Safety Standardization Enterprise, Provincial Good-faith Model Enterprise and Provincial Harmonious Labor Relationship etc, has Provincial Famous-brand and a provincial R & D center and cooperates closely long-term with Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University to develop new product and technology.
  With devoting itself to hydraulic press development, the company has a lot of proprietary intellectual propriety rights and won Zhejiang Provincial Patent Model Enterprise.

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